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The Research Center for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Celebrates Its Grand Opening

  The Research Center for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of China Medical University celebrates its grand opening on Feb 24th, 2015. Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee hopes the team experts develop strategic plans and goals that will bring the academic and industrial values to the innovative research in the field of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

  Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee invites many well-known top scholars of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to establish this unique research center. He believes the center will strive by the strategic plan, the integration of teaching and research resources, most importantly the leadership of Director Hen-Hong Chang. It will not only promote the innovative research project of the center, but it will continue making CMU as the world-leading research development center.

  Director Hen-Hong Chang states that the strategy of this research center is to develop the basic and clinical translational research of acupuncture based on the model of translational medicine. The developing model utilizes Neuroimaging, clinical trial, translation of acupuncture, animal disease model altogether to provide a platform of in pain-relieving, nerve regeneration, addiction prevention. Most importantly, this method helps to go beyond the fields of pain, stroke, drug addiction prevention. The center has a vision to modernize and scientize the field of Chinese Medicine as the team seeks for being the world top research center.

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