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“The Integrated Chinese and Western Medical Care Center for Chronic Kidney Disease”Has Its Grand Opening

  Department of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Ministry of Health and Welfare, has appointed China Medical University to establish an “The Integrated Chinese and Western Medical Care Center for Chronic Kidney Disease.” The center has its grand opening on March 31st. Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee affirms the idea of comprehensive care model and its potential benefits in improving clinical symptoms and quality of life.

  China Medical University Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee states, “chronic kidney disease (CKD) is not only an important medical problem yet with many public health and social issues involved. With CKD’s chronic and multifaceted natures, a great potential awaits for Chinese Medicine. Having an integrated Chinese and Western Medical care area ensures the patients to have the strengths of both types of treatments.

  Yi-Tsau Huang, the director general of Dept. of Chinese Midicine and Pharmacy, Ministry of Health and Welfare states, “The Intergrated Chinese and Western medical Care Center for Chronic Kidney Disease enables early diagnosis, early treatment. This concept will bring a significant impact in prevention and treatment to other diseases gradually not merely just CKD.

  Dr. Hung-Rong Yen, the deputy director of Research Center of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, believes that such a holistic care model or the whole-person approach, provides some balances of mind and physical health care to the patients. As to the medical team staff, it allows a good integrated clinical environment for both Chinese and Western medical resident doctors and interns. This holistic idea will left its imprints in patients, their family members, medical team staff and even researchers and students.